If you ever walk into the Warehouse Twenty One offices and hear someone singing classic Disney songs like a damn princess, it’s Katie. If she’s working at her desk quietly, it’s only because she’s listening to the Hercules soundtrack. Katie has been to Disney Land/World a total of six times, and each time she’s left her mark, in some cases, literally. There is an etched picture of her and her brother on a wall at Epcot in Disney World from the millennium celebration. One time she ran into Aladdin and he called her princess. The last time she went, she ran a Disney half-marathon dressed as The Little Mermaid. No one can out Disney Katie.

Much like in that episode of Parks and Rec where they figure out each other’s spirit dogs, we thought it would be cool if Katie came up with our Warehouse Disney doppelgangers. It was so good, we decided to immortalize it forever on the interwebs. So here it is, Katie’s selection of Disney characters for her coworkers.

By Katie

Little John, Robin Hood

Little John is the epitome of a support system, as is our PM Director. Both always lend a helping hand when needed, never looking for the spotlight. Aaron Colbert is just as fun-loving, sweet, and down for a good time as this burly brown bear in a tunic and matching hat.

Olaf, Frozen

Abby is the cutest, sweetest, most energetic snowman (I mean project manager) there ever was. Her Olaf-Esque personality is full of joy and loved by all.

Anna, Frozen

I have no doubt in my mind that Andrea would go into the frozen outside for her family, just like Princess Anna. On top of that, they are both super cute, warm, caring, and have a touch of sass.

Russell, Up

This pairing came to me so quickly and I really just love it. Bart and Russell are both enthusiastic, chatty, sweet, endearing, and determined to do the right thing. They both have an adventurous spirit and are so so loveable. I’m not sure if Bart was ever a Wilderness Explorer (or if that’s a real thing), but I’m confident he could pull off the uniform!

Owl, Winnie the Pooh

Owl is the most well-read (and technically only literate member) of the Hundred Acre Wood, and if you’ve ever passed by Brandon’s desk you will see a wide array of books. He soaks up information and can recall it all at a moment’s notice. Owl has a big family and stories from all of his varying experiences, much like English.

Woody, Toy Story

If you’ve ever interacted with Brandon M, you’ve likely seen him sporting a good ol’ horse shirt. His love of the four-legged animals is just the beginning of the similarities to Woody. They are both hella handy, old school, willing to lend a hand, and will stop at nothing to complete the project (aka find Andy).

Tiana, The Princess and the Frog

Tiana spent an entire movie just hustling. She had a goal and went after it. Brooklyn has spent her career doing the very same thing, whether it be going after a law degree or making her way working with bands in Alaska. These two are both kind and caring, but know what they want and do what they need to. They work hard and get the job done. I also could envision BK having a jazzy gator friend.

Pumbaa, The Lion King

Pumbaa makes me giggle, tells flatulence-based jokes, is emotionally driven, and is just as sweet as can be. He has a philosophical side and a good-sized wagon. All the same can be said about Chris.

Baloo, The Jungle Book

Philosopher of the Jungle, lover of the minimalist (bare necessities) life, and best at taking things as they come. Our favorite CEO and sweet Baloo are basically living the same life. Both have a laid back style but still care about their man-cubs.

Belle, Beauty and the Beast

The first of the similarities between Belle and Emily is the father-daughter working relationship, but that’s definitely not the last (although, she and Dean do work great together creating all kinds of tricky fixes). Emily is studious, well-read, inventive, and wonderfully unique.

Kristoff, Frozen

Eric is our warehouse guy – coming over to be with the rest of us only when necessary. Just like Kristoff, he minds his own business until someone needs help and then, after a comment or two about not wanting to help (which he never really means), he comes to the rescue. Eric and Kristoff both pretend to be tough and content on their own, but we know the truth!

Meg, Hercules

Heres the thing, Meg is Savage AF. Before Savage AF was even a thing. Haleigh Graham, who is also kind, helpful, just, and patient (like Meg) is undeniably Savage AF. These two fierce ladies know what’s what and find the perfect time and place to say it. And they always do what’s right.

Mulan, Mulan

Mulan is a badass, and if you ask anyone around here who our resident badass is, they would say Hayley without hesitation. Both are strong-willed, ambitious and have a solid sense of morals; they would do anything for their family and do it with style. On top of that, she holds her own in a department of boys every day. Give Hayles two weights and a giant beam to climb and she’ll figure it out in no time.

Fix-It Felix, Wreck-It Ralph

Fix-It Felix should just be Jase’s title. He is always willing to help out and ready to come up with solutions for our production problems on the spot. Is it a coincidence that both Felix and Jase have rebuilt houses? No. It’s because Felix is Jase in tiny cartoon form.

Genie, Aladdin

Remember all those times that Genie did impersonations, movie quotes, and generally had a great pop culture knowledge base? That’s our Johnny.

Peter Pan, Peter Pan

Young at heart. Mischevious. Ready to adventure, but not grow up. Jordan Dean is our Peter Pan. He is wildly creative and has the most amazing imagination in all the land.

Moana, Moana

Moana knew there was something out in the world beyond the island waiting for her. She went on a wild adventure looking for her place and ended up finding it beyond the confines of her childhood home. Yoppy went on a grand adventure for a year and finally found where she was meant to be (Wyoming!). She is brave, adventurous, knows what’s right, and goes after what she wants.

Merida, Brave

If there was anything that Merida represented, it was a disregard for antiquated traditions. Unlike myself she never technically used the phrase “down with the patriarchy”, but we all know that’s what she was getting at. Merida is independent, strong-willed, sometimes unnecessarily opinionated, and known to throw a fit or two, and for those reasons, she is my Disney spirit animal.

Dodger, Oliver and Company

Dodger is the doggie version of Fagon in the cartoon remake of Oliver. Just like Keith, he’s a little sneaky, has crazy street smarts, and is a generally cool guy. They’re also both very calm under pressure and willing to live just about anywhere.

Jesse, Toy Story

Fiesty, fun-loving, sweet, and will go to the ends of the earth for those she loves. Kelley is our “Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl”. She can pull off a pair of cowboy boots like nobody’s business and while I have never actually heard it, I would bet money that she can yodel with the best of them.

Goofy, A Goofy Movie

Sweet, sweet, Nathan is the most dad of all the dads in the office, and when thinking of who the raddest Disney dad would be, Goofy immediately came to mind. They both have corny jokes, are unbelievably endearing and loveable, and really just want the best for everyone around them, especially their kiddos.

Timon, The Lion King

Timon is eager, loyal, and very endearing. He is wisecracking and knows where to get all the best grub. Every one of those characteristics reminds me of Nick. They are both inclusive and sarcastic and good at keeping close friendships.

Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh

Rabbit is often misjudged. While he can be no-nonsense and has a propensity for being in charge, he is also unbelievably loyal, helpful, and protective of those he loves. This describes our Pamela to a “T”. Don’t forget, both prefer a little solitude at times but will join the group for a good cup of tea.